Send documents and contracts with our eSigning API

Get up and running in less than 2 minutes with our NEW CLI.

We wanted to create an awesome experience for developers using our API.
So we've built a CLI client that can do everything from registering your account, to sending off documents. Register a new account via the CLI, and we'll add 50 credits to get you started!


Install our CLI client - Mac & Linux
Requires PHP 8.0+

Copy and paste the command below into your macOS Terminal or Linux shell prompt.
You must have PHP 8.0+ installed, install with brew install php

curl '' -o goodsign;chmod +x ./goodsign;

Run the following to see a full menu of commands


Register a new account - all from the command line

./goodsign register

Send a templated document for signing via email

./goodsign api:template

Upload a PDF document with 'text tags' for signing

./goodsign api:pdf

Install the CLI client for Windows (Beta)

Download, extract the file. Then run using the command line.

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