Send documents and contracts with our eSigning API

Get up and running in less than 2 minutes with our NEW CLI.

We wanted to create an awesome experience for developers using our API.
So we've built a CLI client that can do everything from registering your account, to sending off documents. Register a new account via the CLI, and we'll add 50 credits to get you started!


Install our CLI client - Mac & Linux
Requires PHP 8.0+

Copy and paste the command below into your macOS Terminal or Linux shell prompt.
You must have PHP 8.0+ installed, install with brew install php

curl '' -o goodsign;chmod +x ./goodsign;

Run the following to see a full menu of commands


Register a new account - all from the command line

./goodsign register

Send a templated document for signing via email

./goodsign api:template

Upload a PDF document with 'text tags' for signing

./goodsign api:pdf

Upload a PDF document with 'text tags' and extra fields (defined in JSON) for signing.
This makes it easy to add fields like, sign, initials, input, checkbox, name, email and date to a document by defining it in your JSON payload

./goodsign api:pdf-fields

Install the CLI client for Windows (Beta)xx

Download, extract the file. Then run using the command line.

Install the GoodSign SDK for your app

Download and get up running quickly with our SDKs for NodeJS and Ruby.
PHP and .Net coming soon.

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