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GoodSign is an electronic signature platform for legally binding eSignatures sent via email or text.

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  1. Automatic Signing Reminders
    Send a friendly reminder email if the signer forgets
  2. SMS Reminders
    SMS a signer with a link they can sign on their mobile
  3. Prevent costly document errors
    You control exactly where and what a signer can edit and change

  1. Document witnessing
    GoodSign supports document witnessing — witnesses must be present when documents are signed.
  2. Full featured API
    Great for developers who want a modern solution to digital signing
  3. Only $1.50/send
    Send one or several documents to sign and only pay one credit, $1.50
  4. Build your team
    Create different teams and add basic users for free

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How do we compare to the industry leaders?

We make it look simple - because it is.

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Features are only a partial list
But you get the point
Pro for Teams
Business Plan
Send documents for eSignature
Unlimited Users
5 limit
Free Users
Create Templates
15 limit
15 limit
SMS Verification/Reminders 1
Contact Sales
Enterprise API
Call Sales
eWitness 2
Contact Sales
Requires App
Web Forms
Business Pro
Security & Encryption
Price per credit/month $1.50/envelope $45/user/mo
$25/mo paid annually
$287.88/user/yr annual license
1. 2. Requires an extra credit to send
We've made our best effort to research and evaluate each service pricing model.
It's possible we've missed something or got something wrong.
For all services we've used the middle business/premium/team tier where possible.

Invite your team members - for free.

Need to collaborate with your team? We've made it easy with powerful team features to keep your business running smoothly.


Unlimited Members

Create a team for all your company departments including sales, finance, HR and exec. Documents created by each team, are
private to that team.


Harness the power of your teams

Each team member can easily edit and collaborate on the documents. See which documents have been signed, and follow up with the next best action.
GoodSign makes it easy to dramatically improve your team's efficiency.


Fast setup

Team and user management is simple for administrators. Add and remove members easily, change roles and switch teams.

Simple Pricing

Pay for what you use. Simple.

Credit price

All new accounts come with 10 free credits.
After you have used your credit, top up your account with your credit card via

Use one credit to send several documents to unlimited signers

  • Credits don't expire

  • Unlimited templates

  • No document limits

  • Unlimited signers

  • Witness Signing

  • Teams

  • Verify Signers via SMS

  • Unlimited team members

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Bulk credit pricing available
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All the tools you need. From start to finish.

We've built a modern platform to solve your problems in only a few clicks.

  • Send documents for eSigning

  • Witness Signing

  • Automate document signing with QuickSign

  • Verify Signer identity via SMS

  • SMS Followup and daily reminders

  • Daily digests of outstanding documents

  • Powerful Developer API (no extra charge)

  • Multi-select editing

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Join us on our mission to plant ONE MILLION!

GoodSign donates 20% of all our sales revenue to The Arbor Day Foundation. Our donations are paid via Team Trees which provides transparency about each donation made.

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GoodSign Data Centers

Data Centers

📍 San Francisco – USA

GoodSign is hosted at DigitalOcean's - SFO3 datacenter in San Francisco, USA.

📍Sydney – Australia

GoodSign is hosted at Upclouds's - AU-SYD1 datacenter in Sydney, Australia.

🔒 Compliance

Both DigitalOcean and Upcloud maintains multiple certifications for its data centres, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC type 1 and 2


All Features. No Limits.

Team Management

We make it easy to add team members to your account. Our team features allows you to separate departs like sales and finance so they cannot see each others documents.

Multiple signers

Send your documents to one or several signers for review and signing. View who’s signed and who needs a followup. All signers automatically receive the completed signed documents.

Sign in order

Signers will be required to sign in the correct order. Each signer will be emailed in sequence, only after the previous signer has completed their signing.

Sign on your mobile

We make it easy for anyone to sign an agreement on their mobile phone. No extra software, no downloads, just click and go.


  • Do you support documents that need to be witnessed?

    Yes, we support documents that need to be witnessed.

    1. You configure both the signer and witness, then send the document
    2. The witness must be present when the signer adds their signature.
    3. After the signer has completed their section, the witness will use the same device.
    4. The witness completes their sections and adds their signature
    5. The witnesses details are saved to the document and audit log

  • Is GoodSign compliant with ESIGN Act and UETA?

    GoodSign’s key features and business flows make sure that the key requirements of these acts are met.

    The 5 intents that need to be met are:
    1. Intent to sign & opt-out clause
    2. Consent to do business electronically
    3. Clear signature attribution
    4. Association of signature with the record
    5. Record retention

  • Tell me more about pricing?

    We believe there is a fairer pricing model. Subscription fatigue is real and we wanted to make billing simple. In your account, you only pay for what you use, one credit is all that is needed to send a batch of documents. When your credits run out, you can buy more credits and your credits never expire.

  • Can I upload Word, or Excel documents?

    We only accept PDF documents. If you are using Word, depending on the version: File > Export > PDF or File > Save As > PDF.

  • What happens once the document or contract is signed?

    We'll send a copy to each person that signed the document. If you want a copy emailed as well, add your name to the "CC" option when adding signers. You can also download this document or documents from your Dashboard page.

  • How do I invite team members?

    Within GoodSign, hit the 'Team' button top left.

    You will be asked to create teams. Now you can invite you team member to your admin account or to a team account.

    When a members placed in team accounts can only see their own documents, eg an Accounts team can only see documents upload via other Accounts team members. They cannot see documents created by you or Sales.

  • Templates

    Yes, we have an excellent template system. You can create a template once and re-use many times.
    If you are using our teams feature, you can share one template to one or several teams to use. A good example would be a NDA template which can be shared to all teams.

  • How does your API work?
    Yes. Our API is complete. There are two ways you can use our API.

    Template Automation (used for documents where the content doesnt change):
    1. Manually create a template in GoodSign
    2. Configure the signers(roles), add the signing fields and default email subjects
    3. Use the API to set the names and emails of each signer, signer order, document name, email message, webhook.
    4. The API can even populate any input or text field you have added to your document

    The second system is for custom documents, the content of the document changes for each contract. Now you will need to use "text tags" which look like [sign|signer1] or [email|signer1]. When you add these tags to your document, we then replace this content with a user editable field or signing field for each signer.

    Custom PDF upload and sending.
    1. Generate your PDF with text tags - see our quick start guide v1.4
    2. Upload PDF via our API - these generates a UUID code for this PD
    3. Need an attachment - upload any extra PDFs via the API with the above UUID, it will attach it to your master do
    4. Use the API to set the names and emails of each signer, document name, email message, webhook
    5. The API can even populate any input or text field you have added to your documen
    6. Send document for signing controlling every aspect, document name, signing order, webhook etc
  • But you are missing a feature!

    Let us know, we’re here to help and we want to build the next document platform. Click the help bubble below or email

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