GoodSign API

Getting Started with our API


Use the GoodSign API to send a one or several documents out to sign. The API is fully featured, what you can do within the product can also be controlled via the API.

There are two different ways you can use the API. The first allows you to automate the sending of an existing template you have configured in GoodSign. The API allows you full control over the signer details, document names, sms verfication (optional), document fieids, email subject, email body and webhooks.

The second system allows you to create a template automatically by sending a PDF from your system with GoodSign markup (we call these text tags). Then can use the same template endpoint which allows you to send this custom PDF out for signing.

Quick Start Video and API overview
--header 'authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN'

Activate your API and get your access token from Settings & API. We use Bearer token authentication. The above command can be used for CURL requests.
Open in Postman
Postman allows you to explore GoodSigns APIs via an app for Mac and PC. Download Postman from

Then click the button below to open working API examples of GoodSign.

Configure API Key in Postman
To set your API Key :
  1. Click the small eye icon top right
  2. Click the blue `edit` link just under the eye icon
  3. Set the apitoken property with your API key below
Click here reveal your API Key

Now you can explore the API examples