GoodSign is a SaaS platform which allows customers to send and receive documents for digital approval, including e-signatures. The GoodSign team is based in Auckland, New Zealand.


At a high-level summary:

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security concept centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and instead must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

All GoodSign systems use the Zero Trust concept, all our system and procedures are cloud based with strong authentication.

Infrastructure Security


GoodSign is hosted on DigitalOcean - SFO3 datacenter in San Francisco, USA. DigitalOcean maintains multiple certifications for its data centres, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC type 1 and 2 reports. For more information about their certification and compliance, visit

Availability and Resiliency

Our databases use highly available managed storage. This multi node cluster based storage is resilient to single and multi-node failures. Automatic updates, daily point in time backups which allows us to restore to any single point in time over the last seven days. Fully automated fail-over and end to end security with LUKS and in transit SSL.

Storage is backed by Digital Ocean Block Storage Volumes. These volumes are encrypted and encrypted at rest using LUKS. Each volume is highly available and SSD backed. Volumes are built using Ceph, this technology is self healing and can handle the loss of an entire datacenter without data loss.

Configuration Management

Our servers use a third party server management platform. This platform provides a strong layer of server and application hardening. Strong security configuration and access policies.

This allows us to easily rebuild and add severs to our cluster quickly through the admin platform in a scalable and repeatable manner.

Patching Policy

All production servers are automatic patched by our server management platform.

Server Authentication

All server access is via SSH.

Server Monitoring

Our server management platform provides realtime server monitoring, these include: server load, memory and disk usage. Notifications are triggered to our on-call engineer 24/7

Server changes are recorded to an immutable audit log

Server Security System

All our servers have their firewalls enabled, limiting access to only the essential ports.

We use Fail2Ban which will automatically block any ip that tries more than 5x to access a server over SSH.

Web Application Security

Change Management

All changes are made by our server configuration admin console. All changes are logged, access is restricted by 2FA security.

Testing & QA

GoodSign uses unit testing and functional testing before each release. Releases cannot be made until all our unit tests have passed.

After each test, the respective component is tested again in production.


We use atomic deployments to make sure our application is updated instantly.

This process fully configures each code change with the correct libraries, and migrations. Once the code has been pulled from GIT, it is installed, automatic migrations are run and the directory is instantly symlinked into the live site with zero downtime or file/database inconsistencies.

In the event of an un-intended error, an atomic rollback can be performed to the previous release.

Framework Best Practices

We use the latest Symfony framework, this framework provides numerous tools to correctly build fast and secure applications. We use the Symfony way of doing things vs building on our solution.

External Library Vulnerabilities

We use security auditing platform that checks the application installed libraries against a database of know security vulnerabilities.

Javascript Libraries

Where possible, all javascript libraries are copied and served locally from our server. The only exception to this is our live help application and our web analytics solution.

Web Application Firewall

GoodSign uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block any suspicious requests. Our WAF has been configured using NGINX ModSecurity with OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set.

Automated Scanning

Our application is scanned weekly using an automated deep scanning tools that scans every page of the application for vulnerabilities, issues and misconfigurations. This tools scans for over 2000+ vulnerabilities, tests for the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities. This system also tests for DNS for any misconfigurations including email SPF, DKIM. A scan report is available on request

Application Development

GoodSign follows Secure Development best practices and follows the OWASP SDL guidelines.

Error tracking and Bug Reporting

We use to track production level bugs. This gives us an instant warning of a new bug, BugSnag provides very clear details of where the bug has occurred and enough context to rectify the issue quickly.

Application Logging

All key application events are stored to our logging system.


GoodSigns TLS setup gets an overall score of A in the Qualys SSL Labs Test

Encryption In Transit

GoodSign only supports strong HTTPS encryption in transit. HSTS is also enabled, this means once a client has connected via HTTPS a man in the middle HTTP downgrade attack is no longer possible.

Encryption At Rest

Both our file storage and databases use strong LUKS encryption. File storage backups are also encrypted with LUKS, providing full encryption at rest for any sensitive data.

User Passwords

Our passwords are encoded and encrypted using industry recommended standards.

Backups and Business Continuity

Database Backups

Our primary database uses a multi-node fault tolerant cluster approach. Each database is backed up daily.

Point In Time Recovery via Automated Backups

All backups allow a point in time recovery for any time in the last 7 days.

Other Backups

Our server and server volumes are backed up 2x daily. Backups are held for 7 days.

GoodSign Team

Staff Devices

All devices, laptops, phones, desktops are secured with biometric security where enabled. Longer passwords are used where possible, and strong passwords are required.

All devices have strong disk/storage encryption, remote locking and remote wipe. Staff must never copy production or confidential data to their device/computer.

Cloud Services

We use cloud services for everything except our software development, this includes, email, customer support, testing, file storage and so on. Where possible we always enabled 2FA support to secure these accounts against intrusion.


All staff are required to sign a confidentially agreement. This agreement has strong repercussions if this agreement is broken, including termination.

Server Access

Only our senior engineers have server access and this is locked to their main computer. Access is logged and notified to our CTO via realtime SSH login notifications.

Allowing the support team to access your GoodSign account

Our support team, may access your account and contents only to provide support or debug an issue you may have. All support incidents including access is logged.

Our staff have signed confidentially agreements where a violation could result in termination.

If you would like to disable this feature and lock your account from support access, please contact the support team and they can enable this feature.

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