Sending a document that requires a witness to sign

1. Go to your GoodSign Dashboard

2. Click on [Add Documents]

3. Add your file

4. On the Add Signers page - click the Witnesses toggle

This will now enable a witness option for each signer.

5. Add your signer name

6. Add signer email

7. Click the "witnessed" toggle - for this signer

If your signer needs a witness turn this optoin on

8. Click on Done

9. For our signer "John" lets add some fields

Add the Sign Here field where they need to sign.

10. Add a name fields for our example

11. Select the "Signers" drop down and you'll now need to select the witness signer for John

12. Witness selected

You can now see I've selected the witness and need to add fields for the witness to sign

13. Drag the witness fields onto the correct location in your document

14. We can add the witnesses name

Their name will be populated when they sign

15. Click on Email

16. Click next to save

17. Complete the final form to send

This will email the form to the our signer "John Ballinger"
- John will be informed he will need to physically sign in front of a witness
- Once done - the witness will use the same device, enter their name and email.
- The witness will also sign the document to say they witnessed the fields be signed.
* the witness is not required to read the document and the witness does not receive a copy of the document. They only are to validate they signer actually signed.

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