eSignature Workflow Definition and Examples

Understanding eSignature Workflow for e-Signing

An efficient eSignature workflow can transform your document signing process. It encompasses every step from preparing a document for signature to finalizing the agreement. Here’s how it works:


An eSignature Workflow refers to the sequential steps and stages a document follows to collect electronic signatures from multiple parties. This process often includes preparing, sending, signing, and finalizing the document. The goal is to streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance convenience.

Key Steps in an eSignature Workflow:

  1. Preparation: The sender creates or uploads a document, specifies the required signatures, and marks the fields where signatures, dates, or other information is needed.
  2. Sending: The document is sent to the relevant signatories through a secure electronic system.
  3. Signing: Recipients review the document, sign electronically, and add any required information.
  4. Completion: Once all parties have signed, the document is finalized and stored securely.


  1. Real Estate Transactions: A real estate agent sends a purchase agreement for electronic signatures to a buyer and seller. All parties can sign from anywhere, speeding up the closure of deals without the need for physical meetings.

  2. HR Onboarding: A company’s HR department sends employment contracts and onboarding forms to new hires. The new employees can sign these documents electronically before their first day, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

  3. Legal Agreements: Lawyers can prepare and send legal documents like NDAs or contracts to their clients for signature. This reduces turnaround time and ensures a faster legal process.

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