Tamper-Evident Seal Definition and Examples

Understanding Tamper-Evident Seal for e-Signing

A tamper-evident seal is a critical feature in the realm of electronic signatures, offering users a reliable way to detect any unauthorized alterations to a document. When an electronic document is signed, a tamper-evident seal ensures that any subsequent modifications are immediately noticeable, thus preserving the document's integrity and authenticity.

Key Features of a Tamper-Evident Seal

  1. Visibility of Changes: If any part of the document is altered after the seal is applied, the system will highlight the changes, making it clear that the integrity of the document has been compromised.
  2. Integrity Verification: The seal confirms that the document remains in its original state as intended by the signer, providing an additional layer of security and trust.
  3. Legal Standing: Utilizing a tamper-evident seal can enhance the legal enforceability of an e-signed document, as it demonstrates a robust mechanism to detect and prevent fraud.

Real-World Examples

Financial Agreements

In a scenario where financial agreements, such as loan contracts, are electronically signed, the tamper-evident seal ensures that all parties can confidently verify the document's authenticity at any point.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate contracts, which involve multiple stakeholders and sensitive information, benefit immensely from tamper-evident seals. These seals help ensure that terms agreed upon cannot be altered or tampered with post-signing.

Legal Documents

Legal documents, like wills or power of attorney forms, require a high degree of integrity. A tamper-evident seal provides irrefutable proof that the document has not been changed since it was signed, thus safeguarding against fraud.

Why GoodSign Stands Out

At GoodSign, we understand the critical importance of document security and integrity. Unlike other e-signing platforms that may charge exorbitant fees and restrict features based on subscription plans, GoodSign offers all its features with a simple, transparent pay-per-use model at just $1.50 per envelope. This means you get tamper-evident seals and all other crucial features without the need for an expensive subscription.


Tamper-evident seals play a pivotal role in ensuring the security and authenticity of electronically signed documents. By offering clear visibility of any changes and enhancing the document's legal standing, these seals provide peace of mind for all involved parties. With GoodSign, you not only get access to this vital feature but also enjoy the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a pay-per-use model.

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