Signer's Intent Definition and Examples

Understanding Signer's Intent for e-Signing

When it comes to electronic signatures, one of the critical legal concepts is the signer's intent. This principle ensures that the individual signing a document is doing so with the conscious decision to authenticate the contents of that document. Signer’s intent is paramount for the legitimacy and enforceability of e-signed documents.

What is Signer's Intent?

Signer's intent refers to the deliberate and voluntary action of a person to signify that they agree to the terms outlined in a document. Unlike physical signatures, where the act of signing is visibly clear, digital signatures rely on clear electronic indicators and processes to establish intent.

Why is Signer's Intent Important?

  1. Legal Validity: Without clear signer's intent, an electronic signature could be contested, undermining the document's legality.
  2. User Control: Ensures the signer has full control over their decision-making process, which is crucial for compliance and user trust.
  3. Fraud Prevention: Helps prevent fraud by establishing a robust chain of evidence demonstrating that the signer was both willing and aware.

Practical Examples of Signer's Intent

  1. Click-to-Sign Confirmation: Systems prompt the user to click a button after reviewing a document, verifying their intent to sign.
  2. Typed Name Consent: Requesting the signer to type their name in a designated field, which serves as a digital representation of their handwritten signature.
  3. Drawn Signature: Allowing users to draw their signature on a touch screen, reinforcing the voluntary act of signing.
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enhancing security by requiring additional verification methods, like SMS codes or biometric data, to confirm the signer's identity and intent.

GoodSign and Signer's Intent

At GoodSign, we prioritize the clarity and confirmation of signer's intent in all our e-signature solutions. Our platform's pay-per-use model ensures you only pay $1.50 per envelope sent, without hidden fees or additional costs for team members. This straightforward pricing, coupled with our fully integrated features, helps you bring legal, intentional, and secure e-signatures to your business without breaking the bank.

Understanding and validating signer's intent not only strengthens the legality and security of your documents but also fosters trust and compliance in your business operations. With GoodSign, you receive the most cost-effective and transparent solution for all your e-signing needs.

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