Signer ID Definition and Examples

Understanding Signer IDs for e-Signing

In the realm of electronic signatures, the term "Signer ID" refers to a unique identifier associated with an individual who signs a document. This identifier plays a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity, security, and traceability of the signing process.

Key Features and Importance of Signer IDs:

  1. Authenticity Verification: Signer IDs help verify the identity of the person signing the document. This ensures that the signatures are genuine and not forged.

  2. Enhanced Security: By linking each signature to a unique Signer ID, the e-signing process becomes more secure. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access and tampering.

  3. Traceability: Signer IDs provide a trail that can be traced back to the signer. It records crucial information such as the time of signing, IP address, and other metadata essential for audit trails.

  4. Legal Compliance: Many legal frameworks and regulations around the world require the use of unique identifiers to ensure the non-repudiation of electronic signatures. Signer IDs fulfill this requirement, making documents legally binding.

Real-World Examples of Signer IDs:

  1. Business Contracts: Companies often require multiple parties to sign contracts. Each party is assigned a unique Signer ID, ensuring that all signatures can be verified and traced back to the respective signers.

  2. Legal Documents: In the legal industry, Signer IDs are used to authenticate the signatures on wills, trusts, and other critical documents, ensuring that they comply with legal standards.

  3. Healthcare Forms: Hospitals and clinics use Signer IDs to secure patient consent forms and medical records, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with health regulations.

GoodSign's Approach to Signer IDs:

With GoodSign, you don't need an expensive subscription to access advanced security features like Signer IDs. For just $1.50 per envelope, every document sent for e-signing comes equipped with robust Signer ID functionality. This means you get all the security and traceability you need without any hidden costs or complicated plans.

In summary, a Signer ID is a fundamental component of any secure e-signing process. It ensures the authenticity and traceability of signatures, offering peace of mind and legal compliance. GoodSign makes it easy and affordable to leverage this powerful feature.

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