Signature Stamp Definition and Examples

Understanding Signature Stamps for e-Signing

A Signature Stamp is an innovative solution in the realm of e-signatures, enabling users to authenticate documents efficiently and securely. Unlike traditional signatures, which might be cumbersome and time-consuming to replicate digitally, a signature stamp offers a quick alternative that maintains legal integrity and simplicity.

What is a Signature Stamp?

A signature stamp is a digital representation of a physical signature. It can be created through various means such as scanning a written signature, using design software, or employing signature stamp functionality provided by e-signature platforms like GoodSign. Essentially, it's a digital tool that replicates your handwritten signature in electronic form.

How does it work?

  1. Creation: A signature stamp can be generated by scanning your actual handwritten signature or by using digital drawing tools. Platforms like GoodSign allow easy creation and storage of these stamps for recurrent use.
  2. Authentication: When applied to a document, the stamp acts as the e-signature, authenticating the document just as a handwritten signature would.
  3. Validity: GoodSign ensures that each signature stamp retains its authenticity and legality by embedding it in a secure, traceable, and tamper-evident environment.

Examples of Signature Stamp Usage

  1. Contracts: Quickly sign multiple pages in a contractual agreement without repeatedly writing out your signature.
  2. Legal Documents: Authenticate important legal documents such as affidavits, powers of attorney, and court submissions efficiently.
  3. Forms and Applications: Frequently used in filling out forms, applications, and other paperwork where your signature is required multiple times.

Why Choose GoodSign for Signature Stamps?

With GoodSign, you don't have to worry about expensive subscriptions or hidden costs. Our pay-per-use model, costing only $1.50 per envelope, allows you to use signature stamps without any financial burden. Plus, all team members can access the full array of features without additional charges, making document authentication seamless and cost-effective.

Experience the ease and efficiency of signature stamps with GoodSign, where flexibility, affordability, and security meet.

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