Signature Request Definition and Examples

Understanding Signature Requests for e-Signing

A Signature Request is a formal invitation sent to one or more recipients to sign a document electronically. This crucial feature in the eSigning process simplifies and streamlines the often complex task of collecting signatures. Unlike traditional methods that require physical signatures on printed documents, e-signature requests ensure a faster, more efficient process, allowing for quick and secure document approvals.

What is a Signature Request?

A Signature Request begins by uploading a document that needs authorization. This could be a contract, agreement, or any other formal document. Once the document is uploaded, the sender adds the intended recipients' email addresses, specifies the signing order if necessary, and often includes a personalized message. After configuring any needed signature fields within the document, the request is sent.

Why Use Signature Requests?

  1. Efficiency: By eliminating the need for physical paperwork and manual processes, signature requests significantly speed up the document signing process.

  2. Cost-Effective: Platforms like GoodSign offer pay-per-use pricing. Each envelope sent with a signature request costs only $1.50, without hidden fees or subscriptions.

  3. Accuracy and Tracking: Signature requests ensure all parties involved are clearly informed about where to sign. They also offer the ability to track the status of each request in real-time, providing notifications on when a document is viewed, signed, or completed.

  4. Integration: Seamless integration with common tools and software ensures that a signature request fits naturally into your existing workflows without any complex changes.

Examples of Signature Requests

  • Real Estate Agreements: Whether it’s a rental agreement or a sales contract, sending a signature request can simplify the process of securing all required signatures quickly, making transactions more efficient.

  • Employment Contracts: HR departments can streamline their onboarding processes by using signature requests for signing employment contracts and other related documents, ensuring new hires can start work without delay.

  • Vendor Agreements: Businesses can formalize their agreements with suppliers faster by sending a signature request, ensuring all terms are agreed upon swiftly and transparently.

How GoodSign Enhances Signature Requests

GoodSign distinguishes itself by offering all essential features and integrations needed to effortlessly manage signature requests without extra charges for team members. With its cost-effective pay-per-use model at just $1.50 per envelope, GoodSign provides an affordable and efficient solution that competes effectively with more expensive, subscription-based eSignature providers.

By understanding what a Signature Request is and utilizing platforms like GoodSign, businesses can enjoy a more streamlined, reliable, and pocket-friendly way of handling their document signing needs.

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