Signatory Definition and Examples

Understanding Signatories for e-Signing

A signatory is an individual who has the authority to sign a document, legally binding it once they affix their signature. In the context of e-signing, a signatory performs the same critical function, but digitally. Whether you're finalizing a contract, approving a proposal, or signing a consent form, identifying the correct signatory is essential to ensure the document's validity.

Key Characteristics of a Signatory

  1. Authority: The signatory must have the legal right or authority to sign the document on behalf of themselves or their organization.
  2. Identity: The signatory's identity must be verifiable to ensure authenticity.
  3. Consent: The signatory must willingly agree to the terms laid out in the document.

Examples of Signatories in Various Contexts

  • Business Contracts: A CEO or authorized manager signs business agreements.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Buyers and sellers sign purchase agreements and lease contracts.
  • Healthcare: Patients or guardians sign consent forms for medical procedures.
  • Legal Documents: Parties involved in a legal settlement sign to agree on the terms.

Why Signatories Are Crucial for e-Signing

Having the right signatories ensures that the document is not only legally binding but also maintains its integrity and authenticity. GoodSign, a pay-per-use e-signature service, allows businesses and individuals to efficiently gather signatures without worrying about pricey subscriptions or limited features. At just $1.50 per envelope, you can streamline your document signing process, ensuring all needed signatures are obtained with ease and legality.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the role of a signatory in the realm of e-signatures is fundamental to executing legally binding documents. With services like GoodSign, you get all the features and integrations you need, without the hassle of extra costs for team members or gated functionalities. Pay only for what you send and focus on getting your documents signed correctly and efficiently.

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