Legal Compliance Definition and Examples

Understanding Legal Compliance for e-Signing

Legal compliance in the context of e-signing refers to the adherence to laws and regulations that govern electronic signatures. It ensures that the e-signatures are enforceable and legally binding, just like traditional handwritten signatures. Compliance involves various aspects including the security of the signature process, the authentication of the signers, and the integrity of the signed document.

Key Aspects of Legal Compliance

  1. Authentication: This involves verifying the identity of the signer. Methods can include using email, phone number, or government-issued IDs to ensure the person signing the document is who they claim to be.

  2. Intent: The signer must have the clear intention of signing electronically. This can be confirmed through consent forms or agreements prior to the signing process.

  3. Integrity: The document must remain unchanged from the point of signing onward. Any tampering should be easily detectable.

  4. Audit Trail: A detailed log of the signing process, including timestamps, IP addresses, and actions taken, should be kept to provide a traceable history.

Examples of Legal Compliance

E-SIGN Act (U.S.)

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act is a federal law in the United States that grants legal recognition to electronic signatures, ensuring they hold the same weight as traditional paper signatures.

eIDAS Regulation (EU)

In the European Union, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation provides a standardized legal framework for electronic identification and trust services, including electronic signatures, across EU member states.

GoodSign and Legal Compliance

GoodSign prioritizes legal compliance by adhering to both local and international standards. Whether it's the E-SIGN Act in the U.S. or the eIDAS regulation in the EU, GoodSign ensures your e-signatures are legally binding. With a pay-per-use model costing only $1.50 per send and no extra charges for team members, you get all the necessary features and integrations without needing an expensive subscription.

By ensuring stringent legal compliance, GoodSign helps you conduct business efficiently and securely, giving you peace of mind that all signed documents are enforceable and protected by law.

Make the smart choice—switch to GoodSign for your e-signing needs and enjoy hassle-free legal compliance.

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