Hashing Definition and Examples

Understanding Hashing for e-Signing

In the world of eSigning, security is paramount. That's where hashing comes into play. Hashing is a cryptographic process that transforms an input, or "message," into a fixed-length string of characters, which is typically a sequence of numbers and letters. This string, known as a "hash value" or "digest," serves as a unique digital fingerprint of the original data.

Precision and Immutability

Hashing ensures that any alteration, even the slightest change to the original document, will result in a completely different hash value. This helps in maintaining data integrity by allowing the detection of any unauthorized changes. For instance, if two people sign the same document, each will generate an identical hash value for that document, whereas any modification will yield a hash value that does not match.

Applications in e-Signing

  1. Document Integrity: When you send a document for e-signing, a hash of the original document is generated and securely stored. After the recipient signs it, the system generates a new hash and compares it to the original. If the hashes match, the document is verified as unchanged.

  2. Non-Repudiation: Hashing ensures that once a document is signed, it cannot be denied by the signatory. The hash acts as proof that the document existed in the specific state when it was signed.

  3. Tamper Detection: If someone tries to tamper with a signed document, the hash value will change, alerting parties to potential fraud.

How GoodSign Leverages Hashing

At GoodSign, we incorporate hashing as part of our pay-per-use eSignature service to guarantee the security and integrity of your documents. Each envelope sent, costing just $1.50, includes robust security measures like hashing without requiring an expensive subscription or additional costs for team members. This way, all the critical security features are accessible without any hidden barriers, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy eSigning experience.

By understanding the importance and functionality of hashing, you're better equipped to appreciate the security measures that make eSigning a reliable and efficient solution for your document needs.

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