Electronic Records Definition and Examples

Understanding Electronic Records for e-Signing

Electronic records are digital versions of documents that capture, store, and manage information electronically, eliminating the need for paper-based records. In the context of e-Signing, electronic records serve as the foundation for creating, sending, and storing signed documents, ensuring they are legally binding and easily accessible.

What Are Electronic Records?

Electronic records are files that contain data stored in a digital format. These records can include text documents, spreadsheets, emails, PDFs, and more. The key difference between electronic records and traditional paper records is their format and the way they are stored and accessed.

Examples of Electronic Records

  1. Contracts and Agreements: Digital versions of legal contracts, employment agreements, and service agreements.
  2. Financial Records: Invoices, receipts, and account statements stored electronically.
  3. Healthcare Records: Patient information, medical histories, and prescription records.
  4. Employee Records: Digital personnel files, time sheets, and performance reviews.
  5. Educational Transcripts: Digital academic records and certificates.

Benefits of Using Electronic Records in e-Signing

  • Cost-Efficiency: Saving on physical storage and reducing administrative costs.
  • Improved Accessibility: Access records anytime, anywhere from any digital device.
  • Enhanced Security: Encryption and secure access controls protect sensitive information.
  • Legal Compliance: Electronic records meet legal standards and industry regulations.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Faster processing and approval times for signed documents.

How GoodSign Utilizes Electronic Records

GoodSign leverages electronic records to provide a seamless e-Signing experience. Each envelope you send through GoodSign is an electronic record that includes all necessary information and signatures. With GoodSign's pay-per-use model, you only pay $1.50 per send without any additional costs for team members or feature restrictions. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from electronic records without needing an expensive subscription.

Switch to GoodSign today and discover the full potential of electronic records for your e-Signing needs.

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