Document Routing Definition and Examples

Understanding Document Routing for e-Signing

When it comes to e-signing, document routing is a crucial feature that ensures your documents reach the right people, in the right order, and at the right time. This process allows you to automate the flow of your documents from one signer to the next, streamlining the signing process and increasing efficiency.

What is Document Routing?

Document routing is the automated workflow that a document follows during the e-signing process. It dictates how and when a document is forwarded to different parties for review, signature, or approval. This ensures that each step is completed sequentially and that each signer is aware of their required action.

Key Features of Document Routing

  1. Sequential Signing: Documents are sent to recipients one after another in a specific order, ensuring proper review and compliance.
  2. Parallel Signing: Multiple recipients can sign the document simultaneously, reducing the overall signing time.
  3. Conditional Routing: Different paths can be set based on conditional triggers, such as certain fields being filled out or specific decisions being made.
  4. Notifications and Reminders: Automated reminders ensure that all parties are aware of pending actions, speeding up the process.

Real-Life Examples

  1. Sales Contracts: A sales representative sends a contract to a client for signature. Once signed, it is automatically routed to the sales manager for final approval.
  2. HR Onboarding: New hire documents are sent to the new employee for completion, then routed to HR for verification, and finally to IT for setting up system access.
  3. Legal Agreements: Legal documents are sent to multiple stakeholders for simultaneous review and signature, ensuring all necessary parties confirm their consent promptly.

Benefits of Document Routing with GoodSign

With GoodSign's document routing feature, you get more than just an electronic signature solution. Here's why you should choose GoodSign:

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By understanding and utilizing document routing, you can significantly enhance your document workflows, ensuring faster, more efficient e-signing processes. Start making your document management smarter and more cost-effective with GoodSign.

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