Certificate Chain Definition and Examples

Understanding Certificate Chain for e-Signing

A Certificate Chain, often referred to as a "chain of trust," is a series of certificates that authenticate the identity of a digital signature. In the context of e-signing, this chain ensures that documents are signed securely, maintaining their integrity and authenticity.

What is a Certificate Chain?

A certificate chain starts with a primary certificate, also known as an end-entity or leaf certificate, and extends up to a root certificate, which is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Each certificate in the chain is signed by the one above it, creating a path of trust that leads back to the CA. This hierarchy allows users to verify the authenticity of the digital signature and the identity of the signer.

Why is Certificate Chain Important?

  1. Verification: It verifies the legitimacy of the digital signature by tracing the signer’s certificate back to a trusted root certificate.
  2. Security: It provides a robust layer of security, safeguarding against tampering and unauthorized access.
  3. Trust: It builds trust among users by ensuring that the signatures come from a verified source.

Example of a Certificate Chain

Consider an example where Company XYZ uses GoodSign for e-signatures. Here’s a simplified version of how a certificate chain works:

  1. End-Entity Certificate: This is the digital certificate assigned to Company XYZ, which they use to sign documents.
  2. Intermediate Certificate: Issued by an intermediary CA, this certificate authenticates Company XYZ’s digital certificate.
  3. Root Certificate: The top-most certificate in the chain, this is issued by a trusted CA and verifies the intermediate certificate.

When someone receives a document signed by Company XYZ, they can verify the entire certificate chain back to the trusted root certificate. This ensures the signature’s authenticity and the signer’s identity.


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