Over the new year, we've finished off Witness signing 🎉.

## 👀 Sending documents – that must be witnessed

THE LEGAL PART - The law requires the witness to be in the "presence" of the signer when a document is signed. GoodSign complies with this law by requiring the witness to be physically present (not remote, or video link) when the signer signs.

The witness will watch the signer write/draw their signature, once that has been completed, the signer's witness will use the same phone/computer. The witness then enters their name and email, completes the witness section like a normal signer would, and returns the device once complete. Witness signatures or details are not saved on the device.

To use witness signing — look for the "Witness Options" toggle on the page where you normally enter in the details of each signer. Then select which signers require witnessing. We will guide you on the next steps. Want to find out more? Sending a document for witnessing

How does this work for signers & witnesses?
View our Signer witness flow guide.

How can witness signing help your business?

There are several reasons why you might want to have your signature witnessed. For one, having your signature witnessed can help to ensure the validity and legality of a document. In some cases, certain legal documents, such as contracts or wills, may require a witness to be present in order to be considered valid.

Having your signature witnessed can also provide additional security and protection against fraud. For example, if someone were to try to forge your signature on a document, a witness could attest that the signature is not genuine. Finally, having your signature witnessed can help to provide additional credibility and accountability for your actions, which can be important in business and legal contexts.

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