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The Modern Way to Sign: Effortless, Legally Binding eSignatures

Unlocking the Simplicity of Electronic Signatures

In today's fast-paced, digital world, signing documents with a legally binding signature should be as simple and flexible as possible. GoodSign revolutionizes the signing process by making it effortlessly accessible across all your devices—whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. Here’s how you can transform the way you sign:

Two Easy Ways to Sign with GoodSign

  1. Type-to-Sign: Just type your name into the signature field and accept the formatted signature as your own. This method is fast, intuitive, and fully compliant with legal standards.

  2. Draw-to-Sign: Use your mouse, trackpad, touchpad, or mobile device screen to draw your signature. If you’re not satisfied with your drawing, simply hit "clear" to restart the process. Top it off by typing your name underneath for added verification.

Drawing Your Signature

Once you’ve completed the signing process, click “Finish” to finalize your document. It’s that simple.

Signed Document Overview

Seamless Completion and Instant Access to Your Signed Documents

When all designated signers have signed the document, you will receive an immediate notification and access to your signed copy, complete with all required signatures.

Ready to Sign or Send a Document?

GoodSign offers a hassle-free start with 10 free documents for every new account. Ready to join the future of signing? Register now and create your free account today.

Unwavering Security You Can Trust

Data Centers

GoodSign is hosted on DigitalOcean's SFO3 data center in San Francisco, USA. DigitalOcean maintains high standards of security with multiple certifications, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC type 1 and 2 reports. Explore more about their certification and compliance here.

SSL Connection Security

Our SSL certificate is fortified with RSA 4096 bits encryption. With an A+ rating from SSL Labs for its robust security features, you can be confident your data is protected. See our comprehensive report here.

Document Encryption

At GoodSign, we ensure the utmost security with strong LUKS encryption for both document storage and data. Our file storage backups are likewise encrypted with LUKS, guaranteeing full protection for all your files and data.

Make your transition to a modern, secure, and efficient signing experience today with GoodSign.

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