When we started the API, it felt like a lot of time to spend, but I feel the results are promising with our first large customer signing on in August. They've been working with the API and have validated that our solution works for SaaS companies. August was a month of fine tuning the API, adding new features to that makes it easier to follow up with signers who haven't signed yet and marketing.

Let's get started!

πŸ’¬ SMS Reminders

  • We've made it easier to get contracts signed. If you have a signer that hasn't signed. You can remind them by email or send a SMS to their phone.
  • SMS messages have a link to your document – this way they can sign their contract from any smart-phone with few taps.

πŸŽ— Daily Email Summary

  • We now send an email summary of any documents that are waiting to be signed.
  • You can easily follow up with any signer directly from this email

βœ… Checkboxes

  • You asked for it – We've added checkboxes to the fields list.
  • You can set the default value, size and colour.

πŸ’« Optional and Required Blank Fields

  • We have "optional fields" and "required fields"
  • An "optional field" can be left blank. Handy for address fields or other optional data a signer might want to add.

πŸ” Teams - Private Documents

  • For teams - Now you can make your documents private. This means only you can view and edit the document. It won't be shared with anyone else

πŸ›‘ Document Audit Trail

  • Documents will soon have a full audit trail attached as an extra page to each signed document. This will be coming later this week. Check your settings page if you want to disable this.

πŸŽ₯ Support Videos

  • I'll be doing a few support videos this month to help onboard new customers this month. There are few spots people need a quick video to get started.

πŸ“‰ Sales

JULY - There were four sales this month, generating $119.13 NZD Net.
AUGUST - Well we 10x'ed July. Total of 9 sales. Three of these were repeat topups.
Net sales $1,280 - 20% donated to tree planting $256 NZD

🌳 Trees
July 16 trees, August 182 trees!This brings the total to 248 trees planted.For planting we're using

πŸ”₯ Marketing Update

The key takeaway is to spend about 1/2 the time on marketing.
Goodsign now has a blog feature, now it's time to create regular content. For this I generally use a tool called SEM Rush to figure out what the best content for digital signing.

I haven't done the Product Hunt launch - I need to add a video to the launch, so I'm still holding out.

Marketing Ideas - to do list - August update

βœ… Email SaaS founders - let them know about GoodSign and how they can empower their team and save $$$ on sending and managing contracts effectively.
βœ… Get more email leads and find better verticals to target. Currently thinking SaaS companies. I've seen lots of traction in customers singing HR documents and shareholder agreements.
⏱ Product Hunt launch
πŸ”΄ LinkedIn (haven't tried their advertising platform).
βœ… Testimonials on the home page with logos
⏱ Improve homepage & sub pages with latest features
βœ… Content, lots of content - need to solve this, I like the idea of using but don't like the idea that the content will be on a subdomain like
⏱API landing page - market the API more, link to the API.
⏱Promotion or giveaway?

πŸ– Stay in touch

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Thanks again for your support and for using GoodSign.
John Ballinger // founder and tree-e-o

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