Why GoodSign Outshines Adobe Sign: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to eSignature providers, two names often rise to the top: GoodSign and Adobe Sign. While both platforms offer essential e-signature functionalities, GoodSign brings unique advantages to the table that make it a superior choice, particularly for teams. In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics, focusing on the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of GoodSign, with a modeled comparison for a team of six members.

Unleashing the Perks of GoodSign

1. Pay-per-Use: No Hidden Costs for Team Members

One of the standout features of GoodSign is its pay-per-use model. Unlike other eSignature services that impose extra costs for additional team members, GoodSign offers unrestricted access to all features without any tiered plans. Each envelope only costs $1.50 per send, with no prohibitive training or setup fees.

2. No Annual Commitment

Adobe Sign's plans often require an annual subscription, which can be costly and restrictive. In contrast, GoodSign's model is based on usage without the need for long-term commitments. This makes it easier to manage expenses and scale up or down based on your immediate requirements.

3. Transparent Pricing

With GoodSign, what you see is what you get. No extra fees for features that you might not use. The pricing transparency ensures that businesses only pay for what they actually need, providing unparalleled financial flexibility.

Pricing Breakdown: GoodSign vs. Adobe Sign

To illustrate the financial benefits of GoodSign, let’s compare the costs for a team of six members sending 10 envelopes each per month.

Feature GoodSign Adobe Sign Standard Adobe Sign Pro
Subscription Fee None Annual or Monthly Subscription Annual or Monthly Subscription
Extra Cost for Team Members None Varies per license Varies per license
Cost per Envelope $1.50 Unlimited with subscription Unlimited with subscription
Monthly Cost for 6 Members $90 (10 envelopes each) $155.34 (Approx.) $200.94 (Approx.)
Annual Cost $1,080 $1,864.08 $2,411.28
% Cost Fairly Priced 42% Higher Cost 55% Higher Cost

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Adobe Sign Standard Plan

Assuming an annual subscription, Adobe Sign Standard would cost approximately $155.34 per month for six users, totaling $1,864.08 annually. In comparison, GoodSign offers a saving of 42%, with a yearly total of $1,080.

Adobe Sign Pro Plan

Assuming an annual subscription, Adobe Sign Pro would cost approximately $200.94 per month for six users, totaling $2,411.28 annually. Switching to GoodSign results in a saving of 55%, with a yearly total of $1,080.


With GoodSign, the monthly cost for sending 10 envelopes per user (60 envelopes total) would amount to $90, or $1,080 annually. This reflects a significant cost saving without the restriction of an annual commitment.

Switch to GoodSign: Your Smart eSignature Solution

For businesses seeking flexibility, cost-efficiency, and a no-commitment eSignature solution, GoodSign clearly stands out as a superior choice. The transparent pay-per-use model, absence of extra charges for team members, and significant cost savings make it an attractive alternative to Adobe Sign.

Switch to GoodSign today and experience seamless, affordable, and unrestricted eSignature solutions tailored for your business needs.

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