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Give Your Startup A Boost with GoodSign

Starting a new business is challenging enough without having to worry about hefty subscriptions for essential tools. That’s why GoodSign offers startups the easiest way to handle e-signatures: pay only for what you use! And to help you get started, we’re offering an incredible free deal.

Free Credits to Get You Started

Explore Risk-Free

All new GoodSign plans come with 10 free credits, allowing you the freedom to explore our platform with zero risk. Use these credits to discover how our features can streamline your work processes, without any commitment.

Exclusive Offer for Startups

If your startup has been in business for less than 12 months, we have an even better offer! Connect with us through our chat system, and we’ll provide you with a total of 50 free credits. Perfect for getting to know our platform and seeing its value first-hand in your daily operations.

Why Choose GoodSign for Your Startup?

  • Pay-Per-Use: Don’t get bogged down with unnecessary subscriptions. Pay just $1.50 per envelope send, making budgeting straightforward and scalable.
  • No Extra Costs for Team Members: Grow your team without worrying about extra charges. Everyone gets access to the same powerful features.
  • Unrestricted Features: Unlike other tools that gate essential features behind expensive plans, GoodSign ensures you have full access to all tools from the get-go.

Future-Proof Your Growth

GoodSign is not just an e-signature tool, it’s your partner in growth. As your business scales, our pay-per-use model ensures that your expenses scale seamlessly too. Say goodbye to the financial strain of traditional subscriptions and hello to a future where you’re in complete control.

Join The GoodSign Revolution Today

Embrace a future where you only pay for what you need, without sacrificing any features or benefits. With our exclusive startup offer, there’s no better time to see how GoodSign can empower your business journey.

Get started risk-free! Claim your free credits today and take the first step toward a more efficient, affordable future.

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