GoodSign vs. SignNow: A Battle of eSignature Titans

When it comes to eSignature solutions, GoodSign and SignNow are two names that often feature in the conversation. Both provide robust solutions, but how do they actually stack up against each other? In this post, we'll dive into a detailed comparison between GoodSign and SignNow, focusing on pricing for a team of six users and their respective features.

The Showdown: GoodSign vs. SignNow

Pricing Breakdown

To understand the real cost, let's compare GoodSign and SignNow based on a team of six users. In this comparison, we'll break down the expenses over three different usage scenarios: 100, 500, and 1,000 envelopes per month.

Comparison Criteria GoodSign SignNow
Monthly User Cost $0 $15/user/month ($90/month for 6 users)
Cost per Envelope $1.50 Included in plan (100 envelopes per user/year)
Monthly Envelope Limit Unlimited 50 envelopes/month
Monthly Cost (100 envelopes) $150 $90 (User Fees) *
Monthly Cost (500 envelopes) $750 $90 (User Fees) + $6,150 (Extra 450 envelopes) = $6,240
Monthly Cost (1,000 envelopes) $1,500 $90 (User Fees) + $12,150 (Extra 900 envelopes) = $12,240

* SignNow charges extra beyond its yearly limit of 100 envelopes per user, calculated at ~$13.67/envelope.

Feature Comparison

Let's put the spotlight on the features offered by both platforms. This comparison considers the essential and advanced features that can make a difference for your business.

Feature GoodSign SignNow
Unlimited Team Members Yes No, Additional Cost
Pay Per Use Yes, $1.50 per envelope No, requires subscription
Document Templates Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes
Integrations Yes, API access Yes, API access
In-Person Signing Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes No, Business only
Advanced Security Standard (SSL, AES) Standard (SSL, AES)
Audit Trail Yes Yes
User-Friendly Interface Intuitive Intuitive

The Verdict

Choosing between GoodSign and SignNow really comes down to your business needs and how you anticipate utilizing the service. GoodSign’s pay-per-use model and free unlimited team members can offer substantial savings, especially for teams that experience fluctuating document signing needs.

GoodSign stands out as the cost-effective choice, eliminating high subscription fees and providing flexibility. SignNow, on the other hand, includes document costs in their subscription plans, which might suit businesses with predictable, high-volume usage. Ultimately, GoodSign can provide the most value, especially for teams with varied or growing demands.

Ready to make the switch? Visit today to explore more about our flexible, pay-per-use eSignature solutions.

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