GoodSign vs. PandaDoc: The Pricing Showdown You Can't Ignore

When selecting an eSignature solution, the right provider can make a world of difference. While PandaDoc offers a range of features, GoodSign shines through with its simplicity, transparency, and unique cost-effective approach. This blog post will discuss why GoodSign's pricing model and flexibility give it a significant edge over PandaDoc.

GoodSign: Simplicity and Transparency

Transparent, Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model

GoodSign operates on a revolutionary pay-per-use model. Each envelope sent for signing costs just $1.50, and there are no additional charges for team members or gated features. On the contrary, PandaDoc's tiered subscription pricing can involve hidden costs and add complexity to your billing.

Comprehensive Features Without Gated Tiers

GoodSign doesn’t compartmentalize its features behind different pricing tiers. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you have access to the full range of features, without the need to pay more. PandaDoc, however, locks certain functionalities behind higher-priced plans, limiting your business flexibility.

Cost Comparison: GoodSign vs. PandaDoc

To illustrate the cost benefits, here’s a comparison of GoodSign’s pay-per-use model versus PandaDoc's subscription plans for a team of 6 users:

Feature GoodSign PandaDoc Essentials PandaDoc Business
Monthly Base Cost $0 $114 ($19/user) $294 ($49/user)
Pay-Per-Envelope Cost $1.50 $0 $0
Hidden Fees No Possible Possible
Flexibility in Team Members Unlimited, no extra cost Limited to 2 seats Unlimited
Access to Full Features Yes Limited Expanded, but not all

Annual Costs Comparison for Sending 100 Documents

To put the pricing in perspective, let’s compare the annual costs for a small business sending 100 documents a year:


  • Document Cost: 100 x $1.50 = $150
  • Total Annual Cost for 6 Users: $150

PandaDoc Essentials

  • Document Cost: $0
  • Base Cost: $114/month x 12 = $1,368
  • Total Annual Cost for 6 Users: $1,368 (2 seats limit means additional users need other arrangements)

PandaDoc Business

  • Document Cost: $0
  • Base Cost: $294/month x 12 = $3,528
  • Total Annual Cost for 6 Users: $3,528

The Flexibility of GoodSign’s Pricing

No Capacity Constraints

Whether you’re a startup sending a few documents a month or a large enterprise handling thousands, GoodSign’s model scales with your needs. You only pay for what you use, providing unmatched flexibility.

Ideal for Fluctuating Volumes

For businesses that experience fluctuating document volumes, GoodSign’s pay-per-use model is perfect. You won’t be locked into a high-cost subscription during slower periods, offering significant savings over time.

The Verdict: GoodSign Provides Unmatched Value

When comparing eSignature solutions, the flexibility, transparency, and cost-efficiency of GoodSign make it the clear winner. With no hidden fees, unrestricted feature access, and a simple pay-per-use pricing model, GoodSign provides unparalleled value for businesses of all sizes.

Ready to experience the GoodSign difference? Visit to learn more and get started today!

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