SigningHub vs. GoodSign: A Better Alternative?

Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective electronic signature solution? GoodSign might be just what you need. Here's how GoodSign compares with SigningHub, focusing on features, price, and overall value.

Feature Comparison

Feature GoodSign SigningHub Description/Notes
Sending Documents for eSignature Both platforms allow document sending for eSignatures.
Unlimited Users × GoodSign includes unlimited users at no extra cost.
Free Users × Adding users is free with GoodSign, unlike SigningHub.
Template Creation Both support the creation of reusable templates.
SMS Verification/Reminders Contact Sales GoodSign offers this out-of-the-box.
Enterprise API Contact Sales GoodSign provides a robust API at no extra cost.
Document Witnessing Contact Sales Witnessing is included with GoodSign.
Web Forms Both platforms support web forms for easy data gathering.
Security & Encryption Top-tier security features are standard.
Price per Envelope $1.50/envelope Custom pricing GoodSign offers transparent, fixed pricing per envelope.

Pricing Comparison

Let's break down the costs for a middle-tier plan with 10 users and 600 envelopes per year.

GoodSign SigningHub
Users Included Unlimited 10 Users
Plan Cost per Year $0 (User cost included) $25/user/month × 12 = $3,000
Cost per Envelope $1.50 × 600 = $900 Custom pricing
Total Annual Cost $900 $3,000 + Envelope costs

Annual Cost Savings with GoodSign

With GoodSign, you avoid costly user fees and have predictable pricing based on your envelope usage. Here’s a clear line of cost-saving:

$3,000+* per year, assuming equivalent envelope usage.

*Note: Envelope cost for SigningHub is not included in this calculation.

Example Cost Saving Analysis:

  • GoodSign Total Cost per Year: $900
  • SigningHub Total Cost per Year: $3,000 + envelope costs.

Switching to GoodSign could save significant over $2,100 annually based on the above calculations.

Footnote: Data as of 26/June/2024. Assumes middle-tier business plans, 10 users, 600 envelopes annually. Pricing and feature sets are subject to change. Always perform your own due diligence.

Comparison Calculator

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