GoodSign: A Competitive Alternative to Signable

Signable is a well-known eSignature platform, but GoodSign offers a compelling alternative with transparent, pay-per-use pricing and a plethora of features that are not gated by expensive plans. Below, we will explore the comparative feature set and the cost implications of choosing GoodSign over Signable.

Comparative Features

GoodSign vs Signable: A Detailed Feature Comparison

Feature GoodSign Signable Description of Difference
Send documents for eSignature Yes Yes Identical feature.
Unlimited Users Yes Yes Both platforms offer unlimited users.
Free Users Yes Yes Both platforms include free users.
Create Templates Yes Yes Both platforms support template creation.
SMS Verification/Reminders Yes No GoodSign includes this feature at no extra cost.
API without Extra Costs Yes Yes Both platforms provide API access but GoodSign’s is available without additional charges.
Document Witnessing Yes No GoodSign supports document witnessing.
Web Forms Yes No GoodSign supports web forms for capturing signatures.
Security & Encryption Yes Yes Both offer robust security and encryption standards.
Price per Credit/Envelope $1.50/envelope £0.45/envelope (600/year) annual plan GoodSign charges $1.50 per envelope, while Signable’s cost per envelope on the Small plan is lower but requires an annual commitment.

Cost Comparison

Assumption: Comparing for a usage scenario of 10 users and 600 envelopes per year.

Service GoodSign Signable (Small Plan)
Users 10 10
Envelopes/Year 600 600
Unit Cost/Envelope $1.50/envelope £0.45/envelope ($0.57)
Total Annual Cost $900 £275/year ($357.50 USD) + VAT (variable by country)*

Currency Note: GBP to USD conversion rate assumed at 1 GBP = 1.30 USD. Actual costs may fluctuate based on current exchange rates.

Annual Cost Savings

If you switch from Signable to GoodSign, here's the potential cost saving over a year:

  • Signable Total Annual Cost: $357.50 USD + VAT
  • GoodSign Total Annual Cost: $900 USD

Annual Savings: $542.50 USD (before VAT)


GoodSign's transparent, pay-per-use model and accessible feature set offer significant advantages, particularly for businesses that need flexibility and predictable costs. By choosing GoodSign, you could potentially save $542.50 annually, all while enjoying unlimited templates, users, and critical features like document witnessing and SMS verification.

Data as of 26/June/2024. All currency conversions are based on current exchange rates and subject to change. This guide is for informational purposes only. Please conduct your own research when comparing vendors.

Comparison Calculator

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