GoodSign: A Reliable and Cost-Effective Alternative to SignEasy

Why Choose GoodSign?

GoodSign stands out as an eSignature solution that is pay-per-use. Unlike SignEasy, which demands a subscription, GoodSign charges only $1.50 per envelope. With no extra fees for team members and all features included without plan restrictions, GoodSign provides a cost-effective and transparent pricing model.

Comprehensive Feature Comparison

Below is a detailed comparison of the main features offered by GoodSign and SignEasy:

Feature GoodSign SignEasy
Send documents for eSignature
Unlimited Users Limited
Free Users ×
Create Templates 5 for Team Plan
SMS Verification/Reminders Enterprise Plan
Enterprise API Business Plus Plan
eWitness ×
Web Forms
Security & Encryption
Sign on Mobile
Price per Envelope $1.50 $20/user/month team plan

Cost Comparison Over a Year

Assuming a hypothetical scenario with 10 users and 600 envelopes per year for both GoodSign and SignEasy, we compare the costs based on the middle team's plan for SignEasy.

Parameter GoodSign SignEasy
Cost per Envelope $1.50 $20/user/month
Total Envelope Cost (600/year) 600 * $1.50 = $900 Included
User Cost Included in $1.50/envelope 10 users $20 12 months = $2,400
Total Annual Cost $900 $2,400

Highlighting Cost Savings

Using GoodSign could save you substantial amounts annually. For instance, operating with 10 users and 600 envelopes per year:

  • GoodSign Total Annual Cost: $900
  • SignEasy Total Annual Cost: $2,400
  • Total Annual Savings with GoodSign: $1,500

Annual Cost Savings

Choosing GoodSign over SignEasy can result in significant cost savings. With no subscription fees and a straightforward pay-per-envelope model, you pay only for what you use. The potential saving for a team of 10 users sending 600 envelopes annually amounts to $1,500.

Save $1,500 annually by choosing GoodSign over SignEasy.

Footnote: As of 26 June 2024, all data, including features and pricing, have been sourced accurately but may be subject to change. This guide assumes middle-tier pricing for a typical mid-sized team and compares features to the best extent possible. Always do your own research when comparing vendors.

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