GoodSign: An Affordable and Flexible Alternative to SIGNiX

Why Choose GoodSign Over SIGNiX?

GoodSign offers an electronic signature platform that stands out due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional subscription-based models, GoodSign operates on a pay-per-use basis, making it ideal for businesses looking to streamline their eSignature processes without committing to high subscription fees. With GoodSign, each envelope costs just $1.50, and there are no extra costs for adding team members or accessing advanced features.

Feature Comparison Table: GoodSign vs SIGNiX

Feature GoodSign SIGNiX Description
Send documents for eSignature Both GoodSign and SIGNiX allow users to send documents for digital signatures.
Unlimited Users Both platforms support unlimited users, but GoodSign does not charge for adding users.
Free Users × GoodSign allows adding users for free, while SIGNiX charges extra for additional users.
Create Templates Both platforms offer template creation, but GoodSign charges no extra for this feature.
SMS Verification/Reminders Contact Sales GoodSign supports SMS features out of the box, while SIGNiX requires contact with sales for this feature.
Enterprise API Enterprise GoodSign offers a full-featured free API, making it highly attractive for developers. SIGNiX may require enterprise-level arrangements.
Document Witnessing Contact Sales GoodSign supports document witnessing as part of its standard offering. SIGNiX may require contacting sales for this feature.
Web Forms Both platforms support web forms for signatures.
Security & Encryption Both platforms offer high-security standards and encryption to ensure the safety of documents and signatures.

Cost Comparison Table: GoodSign vs SIGNiX (Assuming 10 Users and 600 Envelopes per Year)

Cost Factor GoodSign SIGNiX Team Plan (Middle Plan)
Number of Users Unlimited 10 Users
Envelopes per Year 600 600
Price per Envelope $1.50 per send Contact Sales
Annual Cost for Envelopes $900 $3,000 ($300 per user)
Annual Subscription Cost $0 $0
Total Annual Cost $900 $3,000

Yearly Cost Savings with GoodSign

By choosing GoodSign over SIGNiX, you can achieve significant cost savings annually. Based on 10 users and 600 envelopes per year, GoodSign's pay-per-use model ensures you only spend $900 compared to SIGNiX's $3,000 for the same usage.

Total Annual Cost Savings with GoodSign: $2,100


GoodSign offers a compelling alternative to SIGNiX for businesses of all sizes seeking a flexible and cost-effective eSignature solution. With no additional costs for adding users, comprehensive features, and a straightforward pay-per-use pricing model, GoodSign enables businesses to optimize their digital signature processes while achieving significant cost savings.

This page is intended to be a guide only, and you should always do your own research when comparing vendors. Data is based on the middle plan for SIGNiX and assumes 10 users and 600 envelopes per year. Information is current as of 26/June/2024.

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