GoodSign vs. PaperForm: Why GoodSign Might Be the Better Choice for Your eSignature Needs

Why You Should Consider GoodSign

  • Pay-Per-Use Pricing: Unlike subscription-based services, GoodSign charges only $1.50 per envelope, letting you pay for what you use without the burden of monthly plans.
  • Unlimited Users at No Extra Cost: Add as many team members as you need without any additional fee.
  • Unrestricted Features: Access all features without being locked into premium plans.

Features Comparison

Feature GoodSign PaperForm (Papersign)
Send documents for eSignature
Unlimited Users No
Free Users No
Create Templates ✓ (limited to plan)
SMS Verification/Reminders ✓ (enterprise only)
Enterprise API Not specified
eWitness No
Web Forms
Security & Encryption
Pricing Model $1.50/envelope Subscription fees starting at $49/month

Cost Comparison Over One Year


  • Middle Plan
  • 10 users
  • 600 envelopes per year

Cost Breakdown

Parameter GoodSign PaperForm (Pro Plan)
Base Cost per User $0 $49/month/user
Total Monthly Subscription $0 $49 x 10 users = $490
Total Annual Subscription $0 $490 x 12 = $5,880
Cost Per Envelope $1.50 Included in subscription
Total Envelope Cost $1.50 x 600 = $900 Included in subscription
Total Annual Cost $900 $5,880

Annual Cost Savings with GoodSign

By opting for GoodSign, you can save a significant amount annually.

Total Savings: $5,880 - $900 = $4,980


GoodSign offers a compelling, straight-forward, and cost-effective alternative to PaperForm for your eSignature needs. Not only does it help you avoid hefty subscription fees, but it also provides you with unrestricted features and unlimited user additions. Make the smart choice and switch to GoodSign.

Footnote: This comparison is based on data available as of 26/June/2024. It's recommended to perform your own research to verify all features and pricing.

Comparison Calculator

See how much you can save with GoodSign compared to PaperForm


PaperForm Pricing

PaperForm includes 0/year by default

Your Annual Savings with GoodSign


Annual Cost Breakdown


Envelopes: $0.00
Users: $0.00
Total: $0.00


Envelopes: $0.00
Users: $0.00
Total: $0.00

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