Why GoodSign is a Compelling Alternative to PandaDoc

Affordable, Pay-per-Use Pricing Model

GoodSign offers a straightforward, cost-effective pricing model at $1.50 per envelope, sending documents for eSignature without requiring a subscription. This is especially beneficial for businesses that need flexibility and wish to avoid high subscription fees.

Features Comparison

Below is a feature comparison between GoodSign and PandaDoc, highlighting the significant differences:

Features GoodSign PandaDoc Business Plan
Send documents for eSignature
Unlimited users
Free users included ×
Create Templates
SMS Verification/Reminders × (Requires Sales Contact)
Enterprise API Only in Enterprise Plan
Document Witnessing ×
Web Forms
Security & Encryption
Price per envelope $1.50 Subscription-based

Cost Comparison: GoodSign vs. PandaDoc

When comparing the costs, let's assume 10 users with 600 envelopes per year for both services:

Service GoodSign PandaDoc Business Plan
Total Users 10 10
Envelopes per Year 600 600
Cost per Envelope $1.50 N/A
Subscription Cost (Annual) N/A $49/user/month
Total Annual Cost (Envelopes) $900 N/A
Total Annual Cost (Subscription) N/A $5,880
Total Cost (Annual) $900 $5,880

Based on this comparison, GoodSign offers substantial cost savings over PandaDoc for the same usage level.

Cost Savings Over a Year Switching to GoodSign could save you a total of $4,980 annually, considering the same amount of envelope usage and team size:

$5,880 (PandaDoc) - $900 (GoodSign) = $4,980 (Savings)


GoodSign's transparent, pay-per-use approach eliminates the high costs associated with subscription plans typical of services like PandaDoc. This model is perfect for businesses seeking scalable, affordable eSignature solutions without compromising on essential features.

Note: Data is based on pricing as of 26/June/2024 and compares middle-tier pricing plans per our assumptions of 10 users and 600 envelopes annually. Not all features may be fully compared, and prices are subject to change. Always perform your own research when evaluating vendors.

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