GoodSign: A Cost-Effective Alternative to PDCFlow

GoodSign offers the same robust features as leading eSignature providers but with a unique pricing model that ensures cost efficiency. GoodSign operates on a pay-per-use basis, allowing users to send documents for $1.50 per envelope without the burden of subscriptions or additional costs for team members.

Key Features Comparison

Feature GoodSign PDCFlow
Send documents for eSignature
Unlimited Users
Free Users
Create Templates
SMS Verification/Reminders
Enterprise API
Document Witnessing
Web Forms
Security & Encryption
No Extra Cost for Team Members

Feature Differences

  • Pricing Model: GoodSign charges $1.50 per envelope with no subscription, whereas PDCFlow operates on a monthly subscription basis with additional costs per Flow.
  • Document Witnessing: GoodSign supports document witnessing without extra steps or payments.
  • Team Members: GoodSign includes unlimited team members at no extra cost, facilitating greater collaboration without financial stress.

Cost Comparison: GoodSign vs. PDCFlow

For 10 users sending 600 envelopes per year:

Plan Details GoodSign PDCFlow (Flow Technology Basic)
Monthly Subscription Fee $0 $40
Cost per Envelope $1.50 $0.75
Annual Envelope Cost $900 (600 * $1.50) $450 (600 * $0.75)
Total Annual Cost $900 $930 (12 * $40 + $450)


GoodSign offers significant cost savings by eliminating subscription fees and only charging for actual use. Even though PDCFlow additionally provides payment-related services, for pure eSignature needs, GoodSign is more cost-effective:

  • GoodSign Total Annual Cost: $900
  • PDCFlow Total Annual Cost: $930

Cost Savings With GoodSign

Opting for GoodSign over PDCFlow yields cost savings, especially for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a straightforward, subscription-free eSignature service: Annual Savings: $30

Footnote: As of 26/June/2024, all data and comparisons are based on the middle pricing plans and assume 10 users with 600 envelopes sent per year. This page serves as a guide; always perform your own comprehensive research when comparing vendors.

Comparison Calculator

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