Why GoodSign is a Cost-Effective Alternative to MyDocSafe

At GoodSign, we offer a powerful and flexible eSignature solution that stands out from the competition. Unlike other providers, GoodSign follows a pay-per-use model, costing only $1.50 per envelope sent, with no extra costs for adding team members or gated features. This allows your business to save substantially without compromising on functionality.

Feature Comparison: GoodSign vs. MyDocSafe

Feature GoodSign MyDocSafe (Professional Plan)
Send Documents for eSignature
Unlimited Users 20 users included, more at additional cost
Free Users ×
Create Templates
SMS Verification/Reminders ✓ (premium at additional cost)
Enterprise API ✓ (available in higher-tier plans)
eWitness ×
Web Forms
Security & Encryption
Document Storage Limited to plan
Price per Envelope/Month $1.50/envelope Fixed monthly price

*GoodSign allows for scaled usage without hidden costs, ensuring all core features are accessible right from the start.

Cost Comparison: GoodSign vs. MyDocSafe

Assuming 10 users and sending 600 envelopes per year, the annual cost comparison is as follows:

Plan & Cost GoodSign MyDocSafe (Professional Plan)
Users 10 10
Envelopes 600 600
Cost $900 ($1.50/envelope) $2,592 ($216/month)

Annual Cost Savings with GoodSign

Switching to GoodSign from MyDocSafe can result in significant cost savings. Here is a detailed breakdown of the potential savings:

  • Total Cost with GoodSign (10 users, 600 envelopes): $900
  • Total Cost with MyDocSafe Professional Plan (10 users, 600 envelopes): $2,592

You could save: $1,692 annually by switching to GoodSign.


GoodSign leverages a transparent pay-per-use model that allows businesses to pay only for the services and envelopes they use, without being burdened by the high costs of unnecessary feature tiers or limited user access. With all features readily available and no additional charges for team members, GoodSign is the smart choice for modern businesses looking for cost-effective eSignature solutions.

Data accurate as of: 26/June/2024. This comparison is based on publicly available information and the middle-tier plans of each service. Please verify all features and pricing independently before making a decision.

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