GoodSign: Your Alternative to Autenti

GoodSign provides an efficient, cost-effective eSignature solution that's perfect for businesses looking to streamline their document workflow without the burden of expensive subscription models. Our platform allows you to pay per use at a flat rate of $1.50 per envelope, incorporating all members of your team at no extra cost.

Feature Comparison

Feature GoodSign Autenti Feature Difference
Send documents for eSignature Both platforms allow sending documents for eSignatures.
Unlimited Users GoodSign allows unlimited users without extra cost, while Autenti charges per user.
Free Users GoodSign includes free users in its pricing. Autenti charges for each user.
Create Templates Both provide template creation.
SMS Verification/Reminders Both platforms support SMS verification and reminders.
Enterprise API Both offer enterprise-level API integrations.
Document Witnessing Both support document witnessing.
Web Forms Both platforms support web forms for document signing.
Security & Encryption Both provide strong security and encryption for documents.
Pay Per Use Pricing ✓ ($1.50/envelope) ✗ (Subscription-based) GoodSign charges per envelope with no subscriptions, saving costs.

Cost Comparison

Pricing for 10 Users and 600 Envelopes per Year

Provider Model Annual Cost
GoodSign $1.50 per envelope $900.00
Autenti €20/user/month (€240/year)* €2,400 (≈$2,640.00)

*Rates can vary based on exchange rates.

Cost Savings with GoodSign

Choosing GoodSign over Autenti can result in significant cost savings.

Annual Cost Comparison

Provider Total Annual Cost
GoodSign $900.00
Autenti €2,400 (≈$2,640.00)

Using GoodSign could save you approximately $1,740 annually when compared to Autenti.

Make the smart choice with GoodSign and save $1,740 annually!


This comparison is based on data available as of 26/June/2024. Prices and features are subject to change. Always verify current details and conduct your own research when comparing eSignature services.

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